River Nile Travel Insurance

Wise travellers take out travel insurance to ensure that a trip of a lifetime is remembered for all the right reasons. While the chances of making a claim are remote in most cases, having a suitable travel insurance policy can give peace of mind at a low cost.

While many policies are comprehensive, do ensure that cover for a holiday in Egypt includes cruise insurance if a trip down the River Nile is on the agenda. This will often include cover for scenarios such as being stuck in a cabin due to illness or weather letdowns and timetabling restrictions meaning that port is missed.

A comprehensive travel insurance policy should include:

Medical Cover - in the case of illness or accident, cover for a hospital stay is vital to prevent large bills being run up, or even having to pay for a flight home if medical evacuation becomes a reality. Additional cover may be needed for extreme sports.

Missed Flights or Trip Cancellation Cover - trips may be cancelled due to illness, a death in the family, or even by the tour operator. Being able to claim back the cost of flights means that a future trip is a financial possibility.

Lost or Stolen Baggage and Property - baggage lost at the airport? Handbag stolen? Travel insurance can pay out for valuable items or the cost of buying essentials for a holiday if they go missing. Additional cover may be required for valuable items taken on holiday.