River Nile Information

River Nile Safety Tips and Travel Insurance

If you do choose to travel to the River Nile, be aware that it flows through several countries that may be considered unstable. It is important to be vigilant at all times when following the river, particularly if you move away from the main tourist areas of Egypt. Avoiding areas experiencing political unrest and demonstrations may be wise, as is keeping away from particularly busy tourist areas, which may be targeted for acts of terrorism. Check out country-specific information before visiting or cruising on the Nile and take heed of security alerts.

Avoid excursions to remote locations and carry valuables in front pockets or money belts. Leave expensive jewellery and watches behind, and dress discreetly to avoid unwanted attention. Sightseeing is safest with a group or friends and avoid wandering around ports on your own as this could make you a target for mugging. Keep a cheap digital or disposable camera for those moments when strangers are asked to snap pictures, to avoid an expensive camera being stolen.


Be aware that diseases such as malaria are commonplace in areas surrounding the River Nile, be sure to read through our health advice guide. Before travelling, consult with your doctor to ensure that vaccines are updated and relevant preventative medicines are acquired. Insect-borne pathogens can be a concern for those on cruises so travel with insect repellent to avoid the risk of malaria.

As with any vacation, apply the usual health and safety precautions. Wear a helmet if hiring a bike and do not drink and drive. Wear sun protection and use hand sanitizer frequently. Avoid food sold from street vendors and do not drink the water. Bottled drinks or purified water are safe but avoid ice cubes. Carry anti-diarrhoea medication just in case.

To ensure you remain protected, be sure to take out the relevant travel insurance. This will help to protect you if any issues do occur - so you can enjoy your visit to the River Nile without worrying about any financial implications that may occur from illness or injury, or theft of valuable possessions. Taking precautions and having the right insurance protection will ensure that the River Nile will be remembered for all the right reasons.